A day hospital provides medical services, which cannot be provided in out patient clinics due to their complexity, risk or time-consuming, however, the reception in the hospital is not necessary. (See all groups of peeople who in Latvia can recieve State-funded health care.)

Medical service in a day hospital is characterised by:

  • reception for one or several times; 
  • time period between two following receptions shall be at least six hours; 
  • the duration of one reception shall be up to one day and night (up to 24 hours). 

Diagnostic, laboratorial examinations as well as different surgeries are performed in a day hospital. Patients may receive chemical therapy, gamma therapy, haemodialysis, medical rehabilitation services.

A family doctor or specialist is entitled to send you for a day hospital, if, according to your health condition, you:

  • require to receive outpatient services, which provide taking medicines during the receipt of which the supervision of a doctor is required;
  • need to have medicine injected during a day every certain period of time by different methods; 
  • require a difficult diagnostic examination; 
  • require a special prior preparation prior to diagnostic examination;  
  • require to receive anaesthesia (except for local anaesthesia) during examination;
  • require a surgery;
  • require rehabilitation services.