If you need emergency medical assistance but do not call the ambulance and want to go to a hospital admission department on your own or with the help of a relative, information about the services available there is essential.

To be able to receive certain care, a medical facility must have the appropriate specialists on duty and the necessary equipment available. For example, there are hospital admission departments where you can go if you suspect a broken bone, and others where you can go if you have burns or cuts.

The tables below summarise information on hospital admission departments providing state-funded medical services, and information on their assistance provision profiles. We recommend you contact the admission department to clarify your options to get help before you go to the hospital.

Please note that hospital admission departments do not provide state-funded medical care for non-emergencies when elective service is required!

For more information on the Hospital Admission Departments, please contact the National Health Service Customer Service Centre at nvd@nvd.gov.lv or call the information line 80001234. Telephone number for international calls +37167045005.

* The competence of an internist includes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious and non-infectious, toxic, neoplastic, allergic, immunological, metabolic and degenerative diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, renal and urinary tract, joint and musculoskeletal system, endocrine glands, lymphatic and haematopoietic organs.

In case of an injury, sudden illness or flare-up of a chronic disease that requires urgent medical intervention and is beyond the competence of a general practitioner, you can seek assistance in the Emergency Medical Care Points (EMCPs). For information on EMCP addresses and opening hours, please check the section Emergency Medical Care Points.