From 10 May 2021, people can receive state-funded psychological and psychotherapeutic support to mitigate the consequences of the mental health caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  For more information on support for general practitioners working with patients with mental health issues, please read the newsletter sent to general practitioners. 

Patients’ diagnoses

Mental support consultations are available for patients with depression and certain diagnoses to address stress-related disorders, neurotic spectrum disorders and eating disorders.


  • person with stress-related disorders (diagnoses F43.1, F43.2)
  • person with neurotic spectrum disorder (diagnoses F40.0, F41.0, F41.1, F45)
  • person with depression (diagnoses F31, F32, F33, F34.1, F06.32, Z73.0)
  • person with eating disorders (diagnoses F50)
  • person with behavioural and emotional disorders that usually start in childhood and adolescence (diagnoses F90-F98)

Apply for a consultation

A referral for a consultation can be issued by a general practitioner or a psychiatrist (paediatric psychiatrist for children), after assessing the patient's complaints and following an algorithm developed by specialists in the field. When preparing the referral, the doctor will determine the length of treatment needed for up to 10 state-funded visits. Given the risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, these consultations can also be provided by specialists remotely using an online platform. 

List of specialists

State-funded mental health counselling is provided by clinical and health psychologists, clinical and health psychologists with further training in psychotherapy and psychotherapists. 

For more information on the list of specialists providing consultations, please contact the National Health Service Customer Service Centre at or call the information line 80001234. Telephone number for international calls +37167045005.

Psychiatrist Offices

To improve access to healthcare services, as of 1 April 2019, patients with mental and behavioural disorders receive state-funded healthcare services in certain psychiatric practices provided by multidisciplinary psychiatric teams consisting of a psychiatrist, paediatric psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, mental health nurse and functional specialist, etc.

A referral from a general practitioner is required for a state-funded consultation of a specialist. A referral to a psychiatrist or paediatric psychiatrist is not necessary if the patient has a mental illness.

For more information on psychiatrist offices by areas, please contact the National Health Service Customer Service Centre at or call the information line 80001234. Telephone number for international calls +37167045005.

Programme for adolescents to reduce the risk of depression and suicide

A new state-funded programme to reduce the risk of depression and suicide was launched in 2019 to ensure that adolescents with mental and behavioural disorders get early help to reduce the risk of depression and suicide.

During this programme, adolescents aged 11 to 18 with mood disorders (mild to moderate depressive and anxiety disorders, as well as self-harm and moderate to moderate risk of suicide) are provided with:

  • An initial consultation, during which health assessment is carried out to identify the scope of services required and the specialists involved (e. g. psychologist, psychiatrist, general practitioner, etc.);
  • Based on the results of the initial assessment, an individual treatment programme is drawn up (e. g. visits to a clinical psychologist or paediatric and adolescent psychotherapist, individual or group counselling for the adolescent's parents);
  • At the end of the programme, a reassessment of health status is carried out and recommendations are given for further treatment or rehabilitation process.

The duration of full state-funded programme in 3 months.

The Teenager Resource Centre provides state-funded assistance under the programme. For assistance, please call 29164747 or send an e-mail to