A unified crisis line across the European Union

116123 is a unified crisis line, similar to 112, operating in the European Union. According to a European Parliament decision, everyone in the EU, no matter where they live, should have access to a range of social services, including psycho-emotional support in times of crisis.

Free assistance at any time of the day and night in Latvian, Russian and English

116123 is completely free and available 24 hours a day, and support is available not only in Latvian, but also in Russian and English. It also enables people who have temporarily migrated to Latvia or do not speak Latvian to seek help.

Access to free psychological counselling

If you call 116123, you can not only get immediate emotional support, but also an appointment with a certified psychologist.  Any adult resident of Latvia can receive up to 10 free consultations organised on one of the online platforms. This service is in high demand and not always immediately available, so people are encouraged to call and ask about available time slots.

One in six callers report suicidal thoughts

Upon taking a closer look at the problems that people address to the telephone counsellors, domestic violence is still a very common problem. However, there are also new issues. In the Covid-19 pandemic, there are more complaints of mental health problems compared to previous periods. People are increasingly seeking help because they want to discuss their daily experiences and concerns about the future. Analysis of the calls shows that about half of the callers are in an acute crisis situation, experiencing strong emotions and a need for support, while on average one in four callers is in a chronic crisis situation, which could indicate long-term unresolved problems and a need for further psychological help. A large number of callers identify loneliness as one of their problems. Observations suggest that suicidal thoughts are increasingly mentioned by callers. Suicidal thoughts were reported by around one-sixth of callers. In these situations, it is particularly important for people to talk about it, and crisis line support is particularly useful for this.

Every call is welcome

Anyone who is in a difficult situation or is experiencing emotional distress is welcome to call the helpline. Sometimes people think that their problems are not that important and that they are just a nuisance, but that is not true. Any problem or experience that brings you no peace and negatively affects your emotional state is a good enough reason to seek help. Crisis lines are not just for deep crises. They can also be everyday problems, such as problems at work or in the family, that you want to address with somebody. Please note that 116123 is a telephone number for psycho-emotional support for adults. If you are a child or adolescent in crisis, call the Child and Adolescent Helpline 116111. If you are a victim of a crime, there is a dedicated helpline for victims of crime 116006.