All people who wish to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are invited to register for their vaccine:

1. online at;

To make an appointment for a specific vaccination time slot at a healthcare facility:

  • go to (and fill in the vaccine application form if you haven't done so already);
  • choose a calendar from those healthcare facilities that offer fixed appointment times, noting your preferred time interval;
  • wait for system confirmation (SMS/email);
  • arrive for the vaccination at the chosen place and time.

People are encouraged to come to the vaccination sites if they have received confirmation from website about the vaccination, and to arrive at the vaccination room/centre at least 15 minutes before their confirmed vaccination time.

2. by contacting your general practitioner;

To find out whether a general practitioner practice will vaccinate or just list patients to be vaccinated, you should contact your general practitioner.

If the general practitioner is also the vaccination provider (which the general practitioner will be able to tell you during the conversation), the general practitioner will register for the vaccine and the vaccination process will take place at the general practitioner's office, at the general practitioner's invitation.

  • a list of addresses and contact details of medical institutions and general practitioner offices where Covid-19 vaccination can be administered is available on the map.

3. contacting the healthcare facilities that provide vaccination against Covid-19.