Who gets a home vaccination? 

  • Individuals who are bedridden or cannot leave their beds (totally assisted persons with irreversible severe functional impairment);
  • people over 80;
  • individuals over 70 years of age, if it is difficult to reach the vaccination facility for medical reasons.


Procedures for requesting a home vaccination service at the place of residence:

The individual or his/her caretaker informs if the person needs to be vaccinated against Covid-19 at home:

  • a call to your GP practice;
  • online at www.manavakcina.lv from the age of 70 (if the person can log in at manavakcina.lv). 

GP practices can proactively call the patient and arrange for vaccination at home.

The vaccination authority or general practitioner's practice shall arrange for the person to be vaccinated at home by a home service provider if the person has informed that the second vaccination cannot be given on an outpatient basis for medical reasons.


How home vaccination is provided

  • If the GP practice provides the vaccination service, then the GP practice organises everything after that.
  • If the GP practice does not vaccinate, the list of identified patients is forwarded to the vaccination liaison body of the GP practice, which provides home vaccination at the person's place of residence for further organisation of the process.
  • The outreach service provider, after receiving information about the need for vaccination at the person's place of residence, contacts the person to be vaccinated and informs him/her about the scheduled time of vaccination.