Payment for state-funded health care services consists of a part of funding granted by the state and a part covered by a patient or patient contribution, the amount of which is stipulated in accordance with Appendix No.4 and Appendix No.5 of the Cabinet Regulations No. 1529.

Patient contributions

Health care service Remarks Patient contribution, EUR
Visit to a family doctor practice:    

For persons up to 65 years of age


For persons over 65 years of age

Visit to a specialised doctor For example: gynecologist, endocrinologist, surgeon. 4,00

Family doctor's home visit:


For patients older than 80 years

Diagnotic examinations
Electrocardiographic examinations For example: electrocardiogram. 2,00
Ultrasonographic examinations For example: doppler; duplex scanning. 4,00
Functional gastro - intestinal examinations For example: pH-metry; manometry. 4,00
Non-invasive cardiac function tests For example: echocardiography; veloergometric load test. 4,00
Head and limb arterial vascular function tests For example: establishment of venous functional situation. 4,00
Neuro-electrophysiological diagnostic tests For example: electroencephalography, electromyography. 4,00
Diagnosis of radio-nuclides For example: scintigraphy 4,00
Endoscopic examinations For example: gastroscopy; rectoscopy; bronchoscopy. 7,00
X-ray examinations

Without contrast

With contrast



Computed tomography examinations

Without contrast

With contrast



Magnetice resonating

Without contrast

With contrast



Inpatient treatment
Treatment in a day hospital (per each day)  Day hospital  7,00
Treatment in a day and night hospital (per each day, starting as of the second day)

Day and night hospital, medical rehabilitation in a day and night hospital

Treatment in hospitals and hospital care units.

Treatment of patients having oncologic or onko-hematologic diseases, addiction to alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic and toxic substances.




Out patient surgery or in a day hospital Payment shall be made for each surgery 4,27
Surgery in a day and night hospital Co-payment for all surgeries performed during one stay in a hospital. 31,00

 What you have to know regarding patient contributions?

  • the total amount of patient contributions for one treatment case of a patient in a hospital shall not exceed 355 euro; 
  • the total amount of patient contributions in one calendar year shall not exceed  570 euro;
  • patient contributions made in health centres, places of practice of doctors, hospitals shall be taken into account for the total amount of patient contributions. Only those payment documents (receipts or mandatory forms), which states that "a patient contribution" is made for state-funded health care service, are valid;
  • co-payment not exceeding the amount of 31 euro for one surgical manipulation performed in an operating room in one inpatient case may be collected from a patient by a medical institution; 
  • a patient may pay for health care services received in a hospital within 15 days or later if a written agreement is made with the respective medical institution; 
  • upon receiving state-funded treatment, no payment, except for a patient contribution and a co-payment, shall be mandatory. 

Groups of inhabitants, which are released from patient contributions: 

  • children in the age up to 18 years; 
  • pregnant women and women in post-natal period up to 42 days if the received health care services are related to pregnancy and post-natal examination as well as the course of pregnancy; 
  • politically repressed persons, participants of the National opposition movement and persons, who have suffered during the liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl nuclear power plant crash;
  • persons of the first disability group;
  • the sick and patients of tuberculosis, who undergo examinations for tuberculosis; 
  • mentally ill persons, receiving psychiatric treatment; 
  • patients, receiving chronic hemodialysis, haemodiafiltration and peritoneal dialysis treatment throughout the whole treatment process;
  • patients, receiving health care services in case of infective diseases stated in Appendix No.6 to Cabinet Regulations No.1529; 
  • nhabitants, being provided by emergency medical assistance by the Emergency medical service team;  organ donors; patients, receiving a long-term artificial lung-ventilation at home; 
  • patients, receiving a palliative and health care at home; 
  • poor persons, who has been recognized as such in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding the procedure by which a family or a separately living person is to be recognised as poor;
  • inhabitants, being under the custody of the state social care centres and local pensions (centres); 
  • all inhabitants, to whom preventive examinations and tests (preventive child health care, cancer prevention) are performed in accordance with the procedure stipulated by laws and regulations; 
  • all inhabitants, to whom vaccination within a framework of vaccination calendar, passive immunotherapy, as well as vaccination against influenza is made in accordance with the terms and regulations regarding the procedure for compensation for the acquisition of medicines and medical equipments provided for outpatient treatment; 
  • if the patient contributions made within one calendar year have reached 569,15 euro and a patient, upon presenting documents certifying payments, has received the release by any of territorial offices of the National Health Service.