What to do, if I have suspicion of being infected with COVID-19?

  • While awaiting the test, stay home and limit contacts with other persons;
  • Do not attend public places and events;
  • If possible, arrive for the test with your own test set and wear a face mask;
  • Wait for the test results;
  • If the result is positive, contact your general practitioner and agree on further action.


In case of symptoms COVID-19 test can be done free of charge and without a doctor's referral, with previous registration:

Application for COVID-19 test can be done by calling:

  • Central Laboratory – 67334433;
  • E. Gulbja Laboratory 67801112;
  • MFD Laboratory – 8313;
  • NMS Laboratory – 67144015;
  • State Scientific Institute “BIOR”  28369560;
  • iVF Riga Genetic Centre 25444405.


Application for COVID-19 test can be also done electronically:


Where and how can I receive the test results?

Information on Covid-19 test results can be found on the website www.eveseliba.gov.lv . You have to select "Log in" and "Resident". After logging into the system, the statement of test results will be available in the section "My results".