Latvijā uzsāk digitālo Covid-19 sertifikātu izmantošanu

To date, more than 1.5 million digital COVID certificates are created in the Republic of Latvia and the number of people who use the certificate in their daily lives is growing. Therefore, the National Health Service (NSS) has compiled the most frequently asked questions about the digital COVID certificate and its use. Take a look and find out the answers!


Why is my first vaccination certificate not valid?

The “first vaccination certificate” only informs the person when the first dose of COVID-19 is received. Upon receiving the second dose, you must log on to the website and create a new certificate called “Vaccination Certificate”, which confirms the completion of the COVID-19 vaccination course.


How to get a certificate if I do not use online banking and I do not have another connection tool?

The certificate can be obtained at Riga municipal centers, a medical institution where vaccination was performed, information centers of other large cities or state unified customer service centers by booking a visit in advance. Addresses and telephone numbers can be found by calling 8989 and in the “Digital COVID Certificate” section of the website


What should I do if my digital certificate is created but my last name is changed?

After the change of surname, the National Health Service receives information from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) within two weeks. After two weeks, the individual must log in to the website using one of the secure access tools, delete the existing certificate and log in again to create a certificate with the new surname. If the new certificate has not yet been created, but it is necessary to use the existing certificate with the old surname, in addition to your certificate, you must carry an identity document and a document certifying the change of surname.


Where is my child's certificate displayed?

On website you have to press the button "View your certificates", log in with your online banking system or other tool and choose to view the certificates of the persons under guardianship. Young people aged 14 to 17, who have access to the full version of online banking or Smart ID, can obtain the certificate by logging in to the website using their own identity.


Will my certificate be valid outside the Republic of Latvia?

The digital COVID certificate issued in the Republic of Latvia can be scanned and verified in other countries that have joined the single European gateway.

Each country has the right to determine the procedures for entry and stay in the country, including the procedure for using the certificate. It depends on the epidemiological situation in the country and other factors. The COVID digital certificate is a secure and verifiable proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or laboratory test results. For information on how to use the certificate in your country, please consult the European Commission's website ( or contact the responsible national regulatory authority of the country of destination. It should be noted that this information is subject to change, so it is necessary to check it shortly before a trip, business trip or other type of trip!


How to get a certificate if I am vaccinated outside Latvia?

In Latvia, a certificate created in a Member State of the European Union or in a country that has joined the EU unified digital gateway can be used. The list of countries is available on the European Commission's website  ( If the vaccination has been performed outside these countries, then in order to create a certificate, the fact of vaccination must be registered in the Republic of Latvia by submitting an application to the NHS (more information available by calling 80001234 or in the section “Creating a certificate if vaccination is performed outside European countries”). Persons who are entitled to state-paid health care services in the Republic of Latvia, as well as persons who have been granted a temporary residence permit in Latvia, full-time foreign students studying in Latvia and employees of foreign diplomatic and consular missions, international organizations and their missions accredited and residing in Latvia (and their family members) will be able to register their vaccination.


How can I check if my certificate is valid?

You can check the validity of your certificate using the "Verify certificates" button on website, or the mobile app COVID19Verify, which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. To perform the test, you need to upload the QR code of the certificate or point the camera of your smart device at it.


Why is my certificate not available?

Information about the vaccination performed is entered into the system by the vaccinator and a vaccination certificate is created on the basis of it. COVID recovery certificate and laboratory test result certificates are created on the basis of data entered by the laboratory.

If a certificate after vaccination is not available on the website, it is necessary to log in to and check whether the information about the vaccination is visible in the section “Vaccination data” in the subsection “Vaccination facts” (by selecting a certain period of time in the calendar) . If information:

 1) is not visible - you must contact the medical institution where the vaccination was performed and ask to check the data entered in the E-health system;

2) is visible - the NHS must be informed about the missing certificate by calling 8989. On the other hand, if a recovery certificate (recovery must be laboratory-confirmed) or a laboratory test result certificate is not available, the specific laboratory should be contacted and asked to verify the data entered in the E-health system.