You can apply for a vaccine:

1. On the website

Residents are invited to come to vaccination locations, if a confirmation from the website regarding vaccination is received, and come to the vaccination cabinet/ centre not earlier than 15 minutes before your confirmed vaccination time. 

2. Contacting medical institutions that ensure vaccination against COVID-19. The list of medical institutions and practices of general practitioners ensuring vaccination is available on the map.

3. Contacting your general practitioner.

4. If the employer organises collective vaccination (primarily, residents are invited to apply individually, without waiting for any action by the employer).

Starting from 3 May 2021, vaccination of all residents against COVID-19 has been commenced in Latvia. This means that not only residents from the priority groups can register for vaccination.

Covid-19 vaccine is intended for Latvian residents and foreign citizens, if they have obtained rights to receive state-funded healthcare services:

  • persons having a permanent residence permit in Latvia;
  • stateless persons who have been granted the status of stateless person in the Republic of Latvia;
  • refugees or persons, who have been granted the alternative status;
  • asylum seekers.


Vaccination of young persons

Also, starting from 17 May 2021, persons from 16 years of age can apply for vaccination against COVID-19 with Comirnaty vaccine, produced by Pfizer – BioNTeCH. More information: