Ukrainian female civilians who have suffered violence during the Russian war in Ukraine have access to state-funded abortion in the Republic of Latvia. A certificate from a law enforcement agency or the approval of a medical council are not required to receive the service. Only a passport is required.

Procedure for receiving the service:

  1. You must make an appointment with a gynecologist who has a contract with the National Health Service on providing state-funded outpatient care. A referral from a family doctor is not required! 
  2. Visits are arranged according to the unified appointment by contacting the medical institution by phone (please call the contact information gathered in point 5), electronically or by contacting the reception in person. 
  3. Your gynecologist will talk to you and give you advice on how to terminate your pregnancy. If you decide to terminate your pregnancy, your doctor will prepare a referral for the procedure.
  4. The procedure can be performed in a day hospital (without overnight stay) or in a hospital (with overnight stay in a hospital), which is decided by the medical professional. 
  5. Medical institutions that perform the abortion

Please note that termination of pregnancy is possible within up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, therefore it is necessary to apply for a first visit to a gynecologist as soon as possible. 

Visits to a gynecologist, the abortion procedure and hospital stay are state-funded. You also do not have to pay patient co-payments. Payment may be required if there has been a written consent to receive paid services in accordance with the price list of paid services of the medical institution (for example, a stay in a high-comfort ward).

The services are provided with respect to the confidentiality of your data! Information that is discussed in the doctor's office, as well as information about the performed procedure, shall not be disclosed to third parties.