Emergency medical points provide healthcare services to patients with an injury, sudden illness or exacerbation of a chronic disease that requires urgent medical intervention and whose care is beyond the competence of a primary care physician.

At least one doctor and one nurse or physician's assistant provide healthcare services in emergency healthcare points.

If there is no emergency help point near where you are, you can go to a hospital reception unit that provides the appropriate services.

Emergency medical help points 

Name of the healthcare establishment



Operating hours

Saulkrasti Hospita

Ainazu Street 34, Saulkrasti Region, Saulkrasti



Priekule Hospital

Aizputes Street 5, Priekules Region, Priekule



Saldus Medical Center

Slimnicas Street 3, Saldus Region, Saldus



Red Cross Smiltene Hospital

Dakteru Street 14, Smiltene Region, Smiltene



Balvi and Gulbene Hospital Association (Gulbene)

Upes Street 1, Gulbene



Vidzeme Hospital (in Valka)

Rujienas Street 3, Valka Region, Valka




Until 31.03.2019, Emergency Medical Centres will operate in the following medical facilities, where services will now be provided within the admission wards:

  • Livani Hospital (Livani, Zaļā Street 44, Livani Region, tel. +37165307603 )
  • Aizkraukle Hospital (Aizkraukle, Bērzu Street 5, Aizkraukle region, phone +37165133899 , +37165133873 )
  • Limbazi Hospital (Limbazi, Klostera Street 3, Limbazi Region, phone +37164024044 )
  • Ludza Medical Centre (Ludza, Raina Street 43, Ludza Region, phone +37165707094 )
  • Siguldas Hospital (Sigulda, Lakstīgalas Street 13, Siguldas region 167972808+37126567675)
  • Bauska Hospital (Bauska, Dārza Street 7/1, Bauska region, phone +37163924696 , +37163923433 , +37163923153 )
  • North Kurzeme Regional Hospital (Talsi, V.Rugena Street 7, phone +37163223350 )